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our strengths 

Our priorities are:

  • Stainless steel pipe and sheet metal processing
  • Aluminium pipe and sheet metal processing
  • T-drill pipe out splay
  • Orbital welding
  • Special welding such as e.g. copper
  • Plant engineering

T drill

Pipes from 28 mm to 300 mm

From neck/outlet size
from Ø 28 to 168

Total products of Distribution
blocks and before the Pan point
by TIG and Orbital welding with
Surfaces bath stain /.
glass-bead blasted and
High gloss or 3 c.

In the tube processing, we are equipped with a mandrel bending system pipes
until diameter with a bending radius of 1.5 D can handle 70 mm.
In addition we work with a pipe out neck machine. T-drill the base tube diameter
can make up to 168 mm to 300 mm and from neck size.
(e.g. for distribution packages, T-pieces in variable length, cross pieces, etc.).

Orbital welding

Here, orbital is welded.

Be used
Internal clamping preparation gas device
the FA. Ja, as well as forming gas chamber
the FA. Westfalengas and
the FA. Tesch.


Orbital schweissen
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